Tilt Brush self-portraits
As part of an interview conducted by FIT's Hue Magazine, I was asked to draw a self-portrait of me in VR instead of using the usual headshot. I had stayed away from creating living things because of how much work it takes to make one, and then they don't even feel real.
After a lot of time and exploration, I started to think about drawing in 3D as more of modeling and sculpting instead of drawing. As you can see in the video below, the pictures go from a flat sketch to using color tones to fake shading and then using the program's default light to create the shadows. 
The final portrait took the longest. Very short strokes make up the sculpture allowing for small sections of the statue to be deleted making it easy to resculpt sections. It came out as the most "real" and I feel this is one of the best methods to create living through the brush strokes... For now...
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