Fun with P5
Creative Exploration

p5.js is a JavaScript library based on the visual coding language, Processing. 
Having very little skill (or patience) to code, p5 allowed me to finally understand why and how JavaScript worked. After a while I started trying to see how much more I could do before completely breaking my code.
Here are screenshots of the projects and GitHub links.
Cat Stencil
This is probably the most interesting piece here. It's not because of how little code it takes to make this interaction happen (16 lines), it was because I got to it only by understanding what each function in p5 does. Link

1. Black canvas. 
2. Black cat stencil constantly draws on the Draw loop. 
3. Cursor acts as a brush and every stroke ends up behind the cat stencil. 
4. Result is a "painted" cat head.
Putting everything together for one big unfair finale. Link​​​​​​​
Band Practice
By using sound, states and click states, the band members can all play in unison. Link​​​​​​​
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