Q: Yeah but what else do you do?
A: Good question. On my free time I love watching video game design videos. My current favorite YouTuber is Mark Brown who runs a channel called Game Maker's Toolkit. He breaks down games to simple ideas. 

I'm also obsessed with game developers Supergiant Games as they develop some fantastic experiences. Check this video out on their game Pyre.

I also love eating but I'm trying to learn to cook more than cup noodles. If you have any easy recipes I'd love to hear them. Here's my current restaurant recommendation: Oh Taisho!

Q: Anything else we should know?
My job is to advocate for the user. This means that if the user needs a pillow but the client wants a website, an app and a campaign to sell them gold-topped pizza… I always fight in favor of the user's needs.

Contact Me
Cell 347-744-0734
Mail obandopat@gmail.com

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