Amneal: MyRytary
MyRytary is a savings program for Rytary, a prescription drug intended for patients with Parkinson's Disease. I was brought in to help with designing the site and thinking of further accessibility solutions for an audience who may or may not have a very shaky grip over their mouse.
We knew a solution would be to make the buttons obnoxiously large buttons but nobody was happy with the idea. Inspiration struck from another design discipline in Game Design
Celeste (Left) uses cues from other platformers who were inspired by cartoons (Right). Coyote Time is the idea of giving users a couple more moments to do an action like jump even after their whole character model is off the platform. Mark Brown from Game Maker's Toolkit over on YouTube has a wonderful breakdown of Celeste and Coyote Time
We loved this idea and implemented a larger active area around all our CTAs. The hope was to provide a solution for patients whose hands may be very shaky and leave the active area without making the CTAs clunky or overly patronizing.
Checkout the live site if you want to see it in action
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